Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Brian Graden's Logo delivers gay TV this week

Brian Graden's Logo delivers gay TV this week The Logo gay television network is finally arriving on Thursday, June 30th, and the gay man who is molding it, Brian Graden, grew up in rural Illinois and attended Oral Roberts University. If it weren't for his proven programming track record with MTV, VH1 and CMT, we'd be afraid, very afraid. He assisted in developing "South Park" and delivered the four-letter-word family "The Osbournes" to American living rooms. He's been an envelope pusher - and within a gay network context I think we're going to see more. Logo, too, which will initially be seen in about 10 million homes with digital cable, is a given, whereas the Here! and Q networks are offering pay networks. (Thanks Carl)�
[Date: 28-Jun-05 ]

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