Saturday, August 12, 2006

Auckland Mayor and gay community kiss and make up...

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Auckland Mayor and gay community kiss and make up

hubbard kissing drag queen In New Zealand, Auckland’s Mayor Dick Hubbard buried the hatchet with the gay community and he got a kiss from Queenie Aotearoa for it at the Big Gay Out. Hubbard had signed a letter criticizing the civil unions legislation. He apologized for signing the letter that stirred up anger in the gay community. “I was received very well and with warmth … I would certainly be delighted to be along there next year and I understand I am the first mayor to have gone to such a function in some time,” Hubbard said. Not all were so happy. Justin Pearce and his wife came to preach and protest. Their presence was met with some anger. He was pushed and his God Hates Homosexuality signs were ruined. The irony of the party tent fundraising game called “Drown a Bigot” isn’t lost on us either. [Date: 14-Feb-05 ]

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