Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gay bear mating ritual a set up for robbery

Gay bear mating ritual a set up for robbery Ken Nyquist was able to identify the man that he met on that allegedly robbed him, and he got the man's address and phone number from another customer. Gregg Sullivan, pictured, was identified by Nyquist as the man who was just going to go downstairs for a drink of water and allegedly vanished with Nyquist's wallet, jewelry, and his grandmother's gold and bronze World Championship swimming medals from the early 1900s. Police want to take Sullivan into custody and will issue an arrest warrent if he doesn't do so voluntarily. He's refused. Sullivan, aka MRGREGGBEAR, allegedly sent threatening e-mails to Nyquist since stating, "A scorned queen can get herself hurt."�
[Date: 27-Jul-05 ]

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